About me

Hi, I'm Łukasz! My aunt recalls that at the age of 6, still in kindergarten, I declared that in the future I'll be doing computer science. Frankly, I don't remember why I said that — probably because I was in love with computer games, especially Wolfenstein 3D. Anyway, I was right. I started programming when I was 10 by copying random snippets of C++ code from PC games magazine called 'CD–ACTION'. The first–ever thing I downloaded from the Internet was Pascal compiler (which, by the way, I didn't know how to use — cmd.exe was a black magic at that time). That's basically how this exciting journey as a programmer started.

During my teenage angst, instead of drinking alcohol or smoking funny things, I got into hacking and computer security. Balancing on the edge of crime was exciting, however destroying things turned out to be much less enjoyable than creating. That's why at the beginning of high school I completely dropped hacking and started freelancing (in C# .NET) for real money. From that moment my career really took off — algorithm competitions, B.S. & M.S. at Warsaw University of Technology, first open source contributions, first local user groups, new technologies and more freelancing and consulting.

Fast forward to today, I'm co–founder and managing partner at Iterators — a software consulting company. Programming is still one of my favorite activities, so while I'm not counting money in Excel or answering very important emails, I'm sitting in front of my text editor writing code, learning new technologies or attending tech events. Business and programming aren't the only things I do. My favorite way of spending leisure time is hanging out or partying with my friends. I do some sports — indoor rowing, football, jogging, volleyball, and skateboarding. I spend long evenings fanatically watching football on the TV. I'm a craft beer and pizza lover — just look at my facial expression in the photo above! I enjoy good movies and TV series. I relax listening to rock and metal music. I learn how to play a guitar, but I fail miserably.

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